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Android tutorial Widget Event Handling

This section shows how to write code that responds to button clicks and other GUI events. It compares and contrasts five standard ways of handling events, giving pros and cons of each approach.
Tutorial section in PDF (best for printing and saving).
Topics covered

Using a separate Listener class
Using a named inner class
Using an anonymous inner class
Using the main Activity (and having it implement the Listener interface)
Using the main Activity (and specifying the method in the layout file main.xml)
Copying and renaming Eclipse Android projects
Sample projects used in this section, bundled as Eclipse projects.
Events1.zip Uses a separate Listener class.
Events2.zip Uses a named inner class.
Events3.zip Again uses a named inner class, before refactoring to version below.
Events4.zip Uses an anonymous inner class.
Events5.zip Uses a method in the Activity class, and the Activity implements View.OnClickListener.
Events6.zip Uses a method in the Activity class, and method is specified in the layout file (e.g., main.xml).
Exercises to reinforce the concepts in this section.
I strongly recommend that you try out at least a few of the exercises before moving on to later sections.
Exercise solutions.

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