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Android Programming Basics(3)

This section shows you the basic
style of Android programming, and
illustrates three common variations
on the theme. This section assumes
that you have already installed and
configured the necessary software
(as described in the previous tutorial
section), and that you know how to
make and test applications.

Tutorial section in PDF (best for
printing and saving).

Tutorial section on SlideShare
(preferred by some for online

Topics covered

*Making and testing Android
*Basic program structure
*Java-based layout
*XML-based layout
*Eclipse ADT visual layout
*Hybrid layout
*Project structure summary

Sample projects used in this
section, bundled as Eclipse


Exercises to reinforce the
concepts in this section.
I strongly recommend that you try
out at least a few of the exercises
before moving on to later
* Exercise solutions. In later
sections, we will combine the
various exercise parts into a
single Android project, but since
we haven't yet discussed how to
do that, they are given here as
separate project.

* BasicsExercises1.zip
* BasicsExercises2.zip
* BasicsExercises3.zip
* BasicsExercises4.zip

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