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Overview of the Android Tutorials

Although Web applications are
important and widely used, there are
several reasons why native
applications are sometimes
preferable for mobile apps.
You can use graphics and UI
controls that are not available in
You can customize the apps for
small screen sizes.
You can use resources (location,
address book, phone, network,
local database) that are
unavailable in Web-based
Android is the preferred platform for
building corporate apps since you
can install Android apps from your
company Web site, rather than
submitting them to the Apple App
Store as required for the iPhone
(unless all employees jailbreak their
Click on a topic below to get the
detailed tutorial for that topic,
download the section's source code
as an Eclipse project, see exercises,
get the source code for the exercise
solutions, or to simply run the
sample apps from that section.
Practicing is the key to learning, so I
strongly recommend that you try out
a few of the exercises in each
section before you peek at the
These tutorials are derived from
Marty Hall's world-renowned live
Android training courses
. Customized courses on Android are
usually taught on-site at customer
locations, but servlet, JSP, Ajax, GWT,
JSF 2.0, Spring, Hibernate, RESTful
Web Services, Android, and Java 6
training courses at public venues
are periodically scheduled for people
with too few developers for an onsite
course. For descriptions of the
various other courses that are
available, please see the Java EE and
Ajax training course page. To inquire
about a customized training course
at your location, please contact Marty
at hall@coreservlets.com.

source: coreservlets.com.

Posted By muhuddin 11 February 2016
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