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Download Psiphon handler
(Link Underneath)

* After downloading and
installing the app, launch and
skip the first method by
scrolling downward and click
the ” SAVE ” button.
Note: If a notice board pop up
just tick the box behind the I
trust this application. and press
* Now, locate the Handler Menu
button and click.
* Locate Proxy Type under it
select ‘‘Real Host”
* Locate Proxy Server (which
can be found immediately after
Custom Header) then type in ”
mtnonline.com/data-reset ”
Note: Pls Dont Include The
Quote Signs
* Now, skip others and click
Save button.
* Then locate and click on More
Options button.
* Under “Proxy settings”
* Tick/Check the “Connect
Through an HTTP ” box.
* Click the Use The Following
* Enter under
Host Address
* Enter 8080 under Port
Then click your back button,
locate and click Start button
(which is behind the Open
Browser button.
Minimize your app and surf the

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