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Beware!! New Trend Used By Ritualists To Deceive & Kill People (A Must Read)

So I was coming back from Wuse,
precisely Golden Gate Hotel, close to
Wuse Market and decided to pick a
taxi adjacent Zenith bank.
And this particular Taxi drove up to
me with a driver and two passengers
in it (male and female), the driver
stopped where I was standing and
asked where i was going to and I
said Mpape, He asked the other
ladies waiting and they said Katampe
junction, the driver said since we
were all going towards the same
direction He would take us straight
we got in, he drove up to about
Nicon Junction ,the lady who was
inside before me decided to drop and
after she did, the driver now asked
the other guy who was also in the
taxi before me if he had any load and
the guy said yes, the driver started
snarling at d guy, asking why the guy
told him the first time that he had no
load and d guy said he told him. the
driver now asked the guy what was
his load and the guy said just shoes
and a carton of clothes.
To our surprize, the driving told the
guy that what was in the carton
wasnt clothes and the passenger
repeated that it was his clothes and
the driver said, “okay,since its
clothes inside the carton, i will drive
you to the police station, and all of a
sudden the guy started begging d
driver, we were all shocked, the driver
now asked him where he got all d
money in the carton and the guy said
he worked for his Boss and he
refused to pay him that is why he
took d carton of money “which he
said was in dollars” from the boss.
the driver now said He will drive the
vehicle to the police and d guy
started pleading again and offered
that he will share the money 50/50
with the driver. the driver said no,
that he would rather share it with all
d passenges and the guy agreed,
they now agreed on where they’ll
take the money to be shared, the rest
of the passengers as well as myself
were all quiet through out the
arguement.they both agreed that we
all should take it to a particular place
and share,” i have never heard of the
place before”.
I had a very terrible feeling about the
whole arguement and decided to drop
so i told the driver that i did not want
to be a part of the sharing and he
started abusing me, saying all sorts
of things that I dont have the mind to
live in Abuja which happens to be a
place for the tough “as he put it”. so
i dropped and took another taxi to my
location leaving them to share their
money alone.
Just few hours later,news broke out
that corpses of two young ladies
were discovered at a particular
location with their private parts and
some organs missing. from the
description given,it all went down to
the very people i was with in the
Please, Residents of Abuja and
Nigeria, this seems to be the new
trend ritualists deceive desperate
Nigerians to their death, please
beware of this and relay the
information to the people around

Posted By muhuddin 24 January 2016
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